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1050 W. Nickerson
Seattle, Washington 98119 United States
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VODA is the premier media studio on the west coast. They are ready to exceed your expectations no matter where you call home. Crew, equipment, studio space—whatever your needs, they have you covered. Their tremendous pool of proven photographers, stylists, producers, and assistants bring the expertise needed to tackle any project. They offer seamless end-to-end solutions, rentals, photography, digital still- and video-capture services, video post-production, mobile app development, production, locations, CGI, and pre-media services, along with 18,000 square feet of studio space. At VODA, you have access to all their services, or only those you need. Let them assemble a crew custom made for your project. They only work with the best, and they’re more than willing to prove it. Studio +Equipment Guide 2015

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