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The BigHouse

211 Peters St. SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313 United States
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The BigHouse is a turn-of-the-century building, renovated by stripping linoleum from hardwood floors, sandblasting pine bead-board ceilings and removing plaster from the brick walls. Originally built as a dry-goods store, it has also been a chicken hatchery, a piano store and a furniture store. It was featured on HGTV "Rezoned" and in Jezebel Magazine in 2005. This distinctive, comfortable space is large enough at 5,000 square feet per floor to have a studio on the first floor and living loft on the second, both of which are available to rent for shoots. For 20 years, image and filmmakers have flocked to The BigHouse, sometimes to shoot in the four-seat, first-class airplane fuselage in the upstairs hallway. The BigHouse is versatile for a range of productions. Recent projects include television shows The Vampire Diaries, Lifetime's Marry Me and AMC's remake of the 1978 movie Coma, as well as commercials for AT&T, Sony Xbox and CNN, and shoots for Macy's, Bloomingdales and Home Depot. The Granite Room, with its two-foot thick granite walls, connects with the main studio, and they're both opened as a gallery for monthly neighborhood Art Strolls. - Studio/Equipment Guide 2013

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