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147 W. 15th St., 3rd Flr.
New York, New York 10011 United States
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Richard Blinkoff and Sharon Schuster have been renting out their photo studio for nine years. "Since we are both photographers with many years experience shooting on location," says Blinkoff, "we designed the space to have the feel of a large photo studio, but added textural surfaces and an eclectic mix of furniture so that we could offer much more than the typical empty white-walled studio space." With concrete as well as wood floors and Venetian plaster textured walls complementing a 30-foot wall of raw steel doors, the studio is awash in beautiful daylight, streaming through southern-exposed windows. Facing the north is a 20-foot terrace. "We have three bathrooms of different sizes and color schemes, two bedrooms, and a living room with a working fireplace," Blinkoff says. They are now also equipped with an ultra-high speed internet connection of 49 Mb/sec. download and 5 Mb/sec. upload. A professionally appointed kitchen is another draw. Complete with every amenity, the studio has earned a reputation for easy-going professionalism and low-stress atmosphere. -- Studio Guide 2011

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