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122 W 26th ST
FL 5
New York, New York 10001 United States
Categories: Digital Cameras/Camera Backs, Digital Imaging Workstations, Cyclorama

The 9 Studios

9 Bleecker Street
New York, New York 10012 United States
Categories: Studios, General

Cera Hensley Studio

San Francisco, California 94117 United States
Categories: Studios, General

Lightproof Media

1043 Virgina Ave
Unit 217 Suite 3
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203 United States
Categories: Photo Assistants, Studios, General, Analog Printing


115 west 30th street
suite 306
new york, New York 10024 United States
Categories: Daylight, Studios, General

studioEAST Photo Studio Hong Kong

7c Centro Sound Building 6, A Kung Ngam Village Road
Shau Kei Wan
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 00000 Hong Kong
Categories: Cameras, Medium Format, Flash/Lighting &Grip Equipment, Studios, General

Amande Creative Space

1183 N Kraemer Blvd
Anaheim, California 92806 United States
Categories: Lights Strobe/Flash/Ring, Studios, General

Gobi Photography

1015 Tyrone Rd
Suite 410
Tyrone, Georgia 30290 United States
Categories: Education/seminars, Studios, General

Clifton Prescod Studio

888 Newark Avenue
Studio 524
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306 United States
Categories: Flash/Lighting &Grip Equipment, Daylight, Studios, General

Kin Studios Inc

1655 Dupont Street
Unit 327
Toronto, Ontario M6P3T1 Canada
Categories: Studios, General

Washington DC Video Studio by Dudley Digital Works

107 Park Place
Media Factory Studios
Falls Church, Virginia 22046 United States
Categories: Video Cameras Equipment, Cyclorama, Digital


1388 South Longwood Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90019 United States
Categories: Location Services/Scouts, Location Trucks/Vehicles/RV, Studios, General

Atlanta Daylight Studio

500 Bishop St. NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318 United States
Categories: Daylight, Studios, General
Occupying a beautiful, 1920s-era Shell Oil warehouse, Atlanta Daylight Studio -- with 3,600 square feet of metal riveted walls, beams and vaulted ceilings -- is loaded with atmosphere. Multiple rows of 5-foot windows are equipped with electric blinds, allowing transformation from daylight to blackout with the flip of a switch. "It is great to have the option of shooting completely with natural light or blocking out the daylight and shooting fully or partially with strobe," says owner Jeff Von Hoene. The building itself -- full of antique industrial ambiance -- makes a wonderful location, but it has also hosted sets worthy of Hollywood shoots. "Use it as a backdrop with character and history," Von Hoene suggests, "or bring in your own look." Amenities including an outdoor shooting deck, full kitchen, glam room with separate dressing room, and on-site rental equipment -- including Profoto 7A gear and octabanks -- are itemized...
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20/20 Kre8tivHAuS STuDiO

20 W. 20th St. Ste. 604
New York, New York 10011 United States
Categories: Daylight, Studios, General
As CEO and owner of 20/20 Kre8tivHAüS STüDiOs, J A ï Kapadia is a veteran agency-represented hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist. Fashion and beauty image creation, art direction and production art are her specialties. Her intuitive understanding of what other professionals wish from a studio is matched only by her ability to make the wishes come true. She designed Kre8tivHAüS to be inspiring: "Not just a large empty room with white walls," she says, "but a space that is warm and inviting." Located in an old, beautifully kept building, the studio has a relaxed ambiance, at once professional, charming and cozy. Generous shooting areas benefit from the natural light of four large windows (with blackout capability) and the space is easily adaptable for all varieties of art and cultural events. In addition to brand-new equipment, moveable furniture, a kitchenette and elegant lounge area, the beautiful hair-and-makeup station features twin salon...
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Studio DWP

329 W 18th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616 United States
Categories: Flash/Lighting & Grip Equipment, Power Supply Equipment, Daylight, Studios, General
David Wittig opened Studio DWP, which he co-owns, in part to fill a void. While looking for himself, he'd discovered that rental space for small-scale, self-funded shoots lasting a few hours was almost impossible to find. He's changed that, however, with this white-box studio and its truly astonishing light. Contributing to its remarkable quality is what Wittig describes as "several strange and seemingly irrelevant details," including its high elevation, the vast white roof of a warehouse next door (which serves as "the world's largest bounce card") and at least a mile of unobstructed sky to the North. The result is a little bit of magic. Wittig's favorite feature, however, is the swing. "It occurred to me one day that this was my space and there was no reason I couldn't put a swing in it," he says. "I find it very relaxing to sit on. And visitors always love it."
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Parchment Studio

1919 N. Oakley Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60647 United States
Categories: Daylight, Studios, General
Johanna Lowe, a food and prop stylist in Chicago, saw potential in operating a studio not only for her own work, but to provide photographers and agencies with a great space and services as well. Opening Parchment Studio a year and a half ago, Lowe calls it "an urban oasis of cool, calm style." She also has plenty of props on hand. "I'm a stylist," she says. "I have kitchen equipment galore and props by the gazillion." While she does not stock photo equipment on site, Lowe is always willing to help find clients anything they might need, including equipment rental, retouching and other production services. Lowe designed the studio keeping in mind the need for an open and organized space to facilitate production, as well keeping it cozy for the comfort of her guests. Clients at Parchment enjoy privacy, tranquility and the feeling of mutual respect. Recently, photographer Diana...
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Airport Photo Studio Rental

2960 Airway Ave B-103
Costa Mesa, California 92626 United States
Categories: Cyclorama, Drive-in, Studios, General

Integra Studio to Share

61 Greenpoint Ave
Suite 402
Brooklyn, New York 11222 United States
Categories: Studios, General

AES Photo Studio

24 west 57th st
9th floor
New York, New York 10019 United States
Categories: Location Services/Scouts, Event Spaces, Producers/Estimates


51 Harrison St
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 United States
Categories: Daylight, Digital, Studios, General

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