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266 S. Madison Avenue, #209
Pasadena, California 91101 United States
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"We are a photo retouching service firm," explains owner Flora Lee. Her company focuses on clipping paths for digital images, something she describes as "very critical for photographers to make clean, crispy photo shots." Starting with plenty of experience in what she perceived to be an under-served part of the industry, she's been at it since 2002. "Many companies have their own teams to do clipping paths in-house," she says, but the employee turnover rate is high. As she puts it, it isn't easy for employers to retain qualified workers willing "to continue working on this tedious and boring job for a long time." That's where Flora Lee is on to something big. She can overlook the tedium and see the larger picture. She's a real pro, it shows, and business is booming.

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