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K5600 Inc

10434 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, California 91601 United States
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Photographers are turning to motion. Motion requires continuous light, and digital loves daylight. We think you and your current crew can deliver both still and motion, on the same set at the same time, without busting the budget. The Joker looks and performs just like the flash heads you use every day. Add our unique Crossover Adapters, and many of the light-shaping accessories you already own are put to work in a new way. 20 years ago, in 1992, K5600 was born with two products: the Joker 200 and 400. At a time when lighting manufacturers were racing to develop ever larger HMIs, the K5600 team looked in the opposite direction, using HMI technology but for smaller wattages. In the beginning, freelance Cameramen embraced Joker's compact size, high output and reliability, making it perfect for covering news events and two-camera interviews. Later, motion picture and commercial DP's discovered the Jokers, and today filming photographers, because of the explosion of web videos, are propelling K5600 into all aspects of motion capture. Our 200, 400, 800, and the new 1600 Jokers deliver plenty of flicker-free daylight to capture stills and motion. K5600's philosophy is to create innovative products that are controllable, versatile, and designed for the filming photographer. Our innovative accessories turn the Joker into the Swiss army knife of lighting––one tool that can be used for many applications. Examples include an ellipsoidal (nicknamed the Jo-Leko), a softlight within lightbanks, a linear softlight with the Softube, and a giant fresnel with the Big-Eye––all made possible by our core design philosophy. As our industry comes full circle, K5600 has developed Alphas––a line of unique fresnel instruments in wattages from 1600 to 18,000. K5600 has two manufacturing plants (USA and France) and is in studios and on location worldwide. - Studio/Equipment Guide 2013

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