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2525 N. Partnership Blvd.
Springfield, Missouri 65803 United States
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Innovation rules the day at Black River Imaging, helping maintain their reputation as a leader in quality after 40 years in business. "Pro Labs have long been a source for prints of consistent color on professional paper. That's still there but the strategy has wildly shifted toward being a provider of customized home decor." says Marketing Director Brandon Hedgpeth. "This industry is loaded with so many companies offering unique products that we cannot let the photographer down with limited options." Staying focused on the needs of professional photographers, Black River Imaging targets buyers who want to display their art in such a way that it amazes every viewer. They give their customer service the green light to go the extra mile with every client. "We interact with them so they know we are working with them as friends," says Hedgpeth, "not just business partners." The folks here want photographers to feel confident in their products, and their extra attention to detail provides that confidence. - Focus on Weddings 2011

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