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2015-2016 PDN PhotoSource Studio + Equipment Guide

View the Latest 2015-2016 Studio Guide

 ON THE COVER: For this portrait, Lindsay Adler used the ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender 2XL Pro Lighting System to shape the light from an off-camera flash.

Preview of what's inside

The House Studios in Seattle Foster a Photography Community
- The House Studios in Seattle is a microcosm of the photography world, with photographers and their assistants bustling around, shooting photographs, handling equipment and sharing ideas.

The Reanimation of Helix Camera & Video - The camera and video store, a pillar Chicago's photography industry, relocates to a new home.

Studio Management Software Guide - Keep your studio humming with these studio-management apps.

Come Together: NYC Studios Host Events for the Photography Community - Three New York City Studios — Jack Studios, Root Studios, and Red Hook Labs — Are Partnering Up With Organizations to Bolster the Photography Community.

Spotlight on Midwest Photography Studios & Rental Houses - Take a trip to the center of the country for its sweeping landscapes, diverse cities and a collective of photography and film resources that remains hot during cold winters.

Content Creators: Production Studios With In-House Creative Services - In the ever-expanding universe of digital media, Attic Studios' VAVLT, Sandbox Studios, and Splashlight are becoming masters of production with expansive in-house creative services.

Travel Light: Essential Photo Gear for the Road - The Italian poet Cesare Pavese reportedly said, “If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.” Of course, Pavese meant shedding your emotional baggage, but photographers can relate to the desire to pack light.

Get Real: Gear for Immersive Photos and Virtual Reality - Virtual reality is no longer a thing of futuristic sci-fi films—today, with virtual reality headgear on the market for under $25 (thanks, Google), there’s intense interest in adapting it to commercial use.

Photography Studio & Equipment Reviews - The leading photography rental studios, equipment rental services, retouchers and production services by location.

View the Latest 2015-2016 Studio Guide

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